SMS templates for logistics companies


Running a logistics startup takes a lot of precision and finesse. Your success hinges on two key factors — efficiently shipping customer orders and effectively communicating the shipment status.

The communication part is equally important because there are multiple factors that could affect or delay a shipment, and it is a good practice to keep your customers informed every step of the way. But, this doesn't mean you have to over communicate.

The key is to foresee scenarios that could occur during your customer lifecycle, and come up with the right messages to notify your customers at the right time. And, there is no better channel to do this than SMS.

Why SMS?

If you're thinking, 'don't everyone have a smartphone these days? Who uses SMS?', the numbers say otherwise.

Even though more than 3/4th of the country has a smartphone, only 557 million Indians use mobile data on a regular basis. This number might go up in the years. But, today, more than half the country still relies on calls and SMS for communication. So, it is safe to say that India runs on SMS.

In this blog post, we’ve added 28+ SMS templates to help you cover every stage of your customer lifecycle — from seller onboarding to delivery confirmation.

Crafting your SMS notifications: A few points to remember

Before we dive into the templates, here are a few things to keep in mind while writing SMS notifications:

Keep your messages under 160 charactersUse a short URL (or a URL shortener) to drive traffic to your website or appPersonalize messages with customer names and other details when possibleBe clear. Provide actionable steps to your users.

Alright, now let’s get to those templates!

Categories of SMS templates

For ease of understanding, we’ve organized the SMS templates into three categories:

  1. Operational: that covers seller onboarding and account management
  2. Transactional: to inform your customers about the status of their shipments
  3. Promotional: for promoting new offers and features to your customers

Operational Messages

In this section, we’ll look at SMS templates that play a key role in seller account set up, KYC verification, and onboarding.

The { {var} } you see on the SMS templates are placeholders for names, products, phone numbers, and email addresses.
Seller Signup

When a seller signs up on your website, you can send the following SMS notification:

Hi { {var0} }, Congratulations!Your AcmePost account has been created successfully. To book your first shipment, please complete your KYC & get a free shipping credit of up to { {var1} }. To know more, call us at { {var2} } or write to us at { {var3} }.
Thanks! Team AcmePost
Acknowledgement of KYC submission

When a seller submits the necessary documents, you can notify them by sending the following message:

Hi { {var0} },Thank you for submitting the necessary documents for KYC verification. Our team will review the documents and update you on the status at the earliest. For any further assistance, call us at { {var1} }, or WhatsApp{ {var2} }.
Team AcmePost.
Seller KYC verified

Upon successfully verifying the KYC of your customers, you can send an SMS:

Hi { {var0} },Congratulations! Your KYC documents have been verified successfully. You can now start shipping with AcmePost. Click { {var1} } to login to your account. Call us on { {var2} } or write to us at { {var3} } for any assistance.
Thanks. Team AcmePost
Seller account creation

Once you successfully create an account for the new seller, you can notify them via SMS.

Hi { {var0} },Congratulations! Your account has been created successfully. Login to your account to start shipping. If you need help, call { {var2} } or email us { {var3} }.
Seller onboarding

Apart from the account creation SMS, your account manager can send a personalized message to the newly onboarded customer

Hi { {var0} },Greetings from AcmePost. My name is { {var1} } & I have been appointed your Key Account Manager. Please feel free to contact me at { {var2} } or drop me an email at { {var3} } for any account related queries & I'd be happy to assist you. 
When a seller books their first shipment

This is a moment of celebration for you. You can share this with your customer by sending them an SMS notification.

Hi { {var0} },Congratulations! You have successfully booked your first shipment with AcmePost. Your tracking ID is { {var1} }. For any assistance, call us on { {var2} } or write to us at { {var2} }.
Thanks! Team AcmePost
When seller’s first parcel is shipped
Hi { {var0} },Congratulations! Your first shipment with AcmePost has been dispatched for delivery. Please check the status of your shipment by logging on to your AcmePost account. To know more, call us on { {var1} } or write to us at { {var2} }.
Thanks! Team AcmePost
Shipment pickup SMS (Daily)

Besides onboarding, you’ll also be sending daily or weekly messages about the number of orders that were successfully picked up.

Hi { {var0} }, Greetings from AcmePost!We have successfully picked up { {var1} } shipments from your location today. Kindly check the panel for more details. Reach out to us at { {var2} } or write to { {var3} } for any queries.
Regards, Team AcmePost
Shipment delivery SMS (Daily)

Similar to order pick up SMS, you can also send a daily SMS about the number of orders that were successfully shipped that day.

Hi { {var0} },Greetings from Acme! We have successfully delivered { {var1} } shipments today. Kindly log into your AcmePost account more details. For any assistance, call us at { {var2} } or write to us at { {var3} }.
Regards, Team AcmePost
When seller’s account is not operational for a while

There might also be situations where a seller might not book a new shipment due to various reasons. In those cases, you can send them an SMS, asking how you can help.

Dear Seller, Your AcmePost account hasn't been operational for some time. We'd like to know what's keeping you from choosing NimbusPost once again. Click { {var} } or call { {var} }. 
Thanks, AcmePost
When your customer is unresponsive to calls

It is common for users to bounce halfway through the onboarding process. In those cases, a lot of companies have a sales executive call the user to walk them through the onboarding process, or try to understand why they’re not interested in completing it. If a potential customer is not responding to your salesperson’s call, you can send out this SMS as a nudge.

Hi { {var0} },Thanks for showing interest in AcmePost. Our sales expert { {var1} } tried contacting you from { {var2} } but could not connect. For further discussion, you may call us on the same number or WhatsApp { {var3} }.
Thanks, Team AcmePost

Transactional Messages

In this section, we’ll look at SMS templates that play a key role in notifying customers about the status of their shipments. Please note that these messages are no intended to the sellers, but to the customers who receive the shipments.

Order received
Hi { {var0} },Your order { {var1} } with { {var2} } has been received and will be shipped shortly.Regards, AcmePost courier

As you’re sending the SMS to the customer, you can also send an SMS to your seller.

Hi { {var0} }! You received a new order from { {var1} } worth Rs.{ {var2} }. You can find the details here: { {var3} }. Need assistance? Reach us at { {var2} } or { {var3} }. Happy Shipping! Team AcmePost
Order confirmation
Hi { {var0} }!Your order from { {var1} } is confirmed! Your order ID is { {var2} }. For queries, call { {var5} } or email at { {var6} }. Cheers! Team AcmePost.
Order shipped
Hi { {var0} }! Your order no { {var1} } from { {var2} }, containing { {var3} } has been shipped via { {var4} }. To track, click here, https://{ {var5} }{ {var6} }AcmePost Courier
Order Out for Delivery (Pre-paid orders)
Hi { {var0} },Your Order { {var1} } containing { {var2} } from { {var3} } is out for delivery. To track, click here https://{ {var4} }{ {var5} }AcmePost Courier
Order out for delivery (Cash on Delivery)
Hi { {var0} }!Your Order { {var1} } containing { {var2} } from { {var3} } is out for delivery. Please keep { {var4} } ready with you. To track, click here https://{ {var5} }{ {var6} }.AcmePost Courier
Order delivery failed
Hi { {var0} }!Your order containing { {var1} } from { {var2} } having tracking no { {var4} } was undelivered. To know more, click here:{ {var5} }/{ {var6} }
Delivery confirmation

This is the last stage of a shipment delivery. Once the shipment is successfully handed over to the recipient’s address, you can send them a delivery confirmation SMS.

Hi { {var0} }! Your order { {var1} } containing { {var2} } has been delivered. Thanks for shopping with { {var3} }. 
Regards, AcmePost Courier.

At the same time, you can also send an SMS to the seller.

Hi { {var0} }! Order ID { {var1} } containing { {var2} } has been successfully delivered to { {var3} } on { {var4} }. 
Regards, AcmePost Courier.
Order return request placed by the customer

There may be instances where the customer is not happy with the product or might have received a defective one. In that case, it is important to notify the user about the status of their return request.

Hi { {var0} }!Your request to return { {var1} } has been placed. You’ll receive the details of the pickup shortly. For any assistance, call us at { {var2} } or write to us at { {var3} }.
Regards, Team AcmePost

At the same time, you can also notify your seller.

Hi { {var0} }!A return request has been placed by { {var1} } for the order ID { {var2} }. We’ll be assigning a representative to pick up the order. To track the return, click here:{ {var5} }/{ {var6} }
Regards, Team AcmePost
Return pickup scheduled
Hi { {var0} }!We’ve scheduled the pickup of your order { {var1} } for { {var2} } at { {var3} }. Our representative will call you before arriving at your location. For any assistance, call us at { {var2} } or write to us at { {var3} }.
Regards, Team AcmePost

At the same time, you can also notify your seller.

Hi { {var0} },We’ve assigned a representative to pick up the order { {var1} } on { {var2} }. To track the return, click here:{ {var5} }/{ {var6} }
Regards, Team AcmePost

Promotional Messages

In this section, we’ll look at SMS templates that play a key role in promoting the latest features and offers to your customers (sellers).

Promotional SMS to prospective customers
Choose the best shipping partner for your online business. AcmePost Offers 17+ couriers option, 27000+ pin codes reach, Zero subscription fee, Free credit up to Rs. { {var} } & much more. 
Get started today: { {var} }

You can also try another variant.

Frustrated with high shipping cost? Start with AcmePost at Rs. 21/500gm, 17+ courier options,27000+ pin codes & shipping credit of Rs { {var0} }. 
Call { {var1} } to get started.
Republic day offer
ACMEPOST REPUBLIC DAY OFFER! Get { {var0} }* cashback with a maximum value of up to Rs. { {var1} }*. Offer valid only on a minimum recharge of Rs. { {var2} } & no upper recharge limit. Valid till 31st Jan 2024. Coupon Code: REPUBLIC20. To know more, call { {var3} } , log in { {var4} } 
T&C Apply.
New feature Alert SMS

It is important to let your customers know about the latest features in your product. While email is still an effective medium, sending an SMS can still benefit you.

More Power To Our Sellers! AcmePost is introducing the Shipment Insurance Shield on your shipments to provide you end-to-end coverage against transit damage. Get your entire shipment insured at a nominal fee of { {var0} }% of the invoice value. 
To know more, call { {var1} }

Capitalize on the power of SMS

Timely SMS notifications can help you deliver a good customer experience to your sellers. You can keep them informed about the key events in a shipment lifecycle and also nudge prospects to become customers by communicating the latest offers from your end.

And, choosing the right notification infrastructure like Fyno will help you manage all your SMS templates in one place and set workflows to trigger the right messages at the right time.

If you’re a growing logistics startup, capitalize on SMS messaging today to improve your customer experience and build your brand image.