Notifications for ed-tech companies


While search engines brought in the concept of ‘learn anywhere, learn anytime’ by making information so accessible, educational institutions have taken a while to move towards digital. However, the pandemic catapulted the industry into moving towards online sources. EdTech has boomed in the last two years bringing in a shift towards taking learning online. EdTech brands are in deep competition, so chalking up an intelligent marketing strategy would be a key deciding factor in staying a cut above the rest.

Edtech companies have to stay in touch with their primary customers and also make it worth their while. Their primary stakeholders include students, teachers, and parents.

How do students benefit from EdTech?

  • Collaborative tools which gives them freedom and access to liaise with their peers.
  • Access to lessons round the clock removes the restriction of rigid school timings.
  • Personalized modules give students the opportunity to feel more involved and interested.
  • Technology paves the way to make lessons very creative, forward-thinking and engaging.

How do teachers benefit from EdTech?

  • Classroom management tools that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Paperless correction which reduces human error and also clutter.
  • Ability to harness online tools that help evaluate students for grading.‍

Having said that, online learning is a huge shift for students as well as teachers, and they don’t take to new platforms as easily. This means the adoption rate as well as retention is on the lower end. Along with the thriving competition, it’s critical for EdTech orgs to leverage notifications to capture their audience smartly, and put most of their efforts into retention marketing.

Using notifications for EdTech Brand

Retargeting existing customers:

students on the verge of finishing a course/class might be potentially interested in doing a more advanced course on the same, or taking up a new course altogether. A good experience with your brand could bring them back to your platform with a simple notification.

Tips and tricks:

Learning could go outside the classroom as well, leading the way for EdTech companies to pull out really helpful tips that could be sent out as notifications for the student to feel comforted, or even inspired.

Discounts for new customers:

Pricing plays a big factor in deciding a buying decision, especially when it comes to comparing it with other brands. Roping in new customers with attractive offers could be helpful.

Course updates:

For existing students, it might be really helpful to update them with relevant course updates, upcoming deadlines, study material, access to helpful tools, etc that add value to their journey. Important to keep in mind though is to not spam the user.•


These updates could aid in collating data through surveys and feedback which could give you powerful information to use to better the product.

Among the various channels available for EdTech to be present on, push and web notifications are the easiest to use for this level of communication, as it’s more personalised and sometimes urgent (a class starting in a few minutes, for example). Firing notifications to keep your users engaged could have a lot of value!

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