WhatsApp tech partner is better than BSP


In today's digital-first market, engaging with customers through their preferred channels is not just an option, but a necessity. Among these, WhatsApp stands out as a critical communication channel for businesses, offering a direct and personal way to communicate.

Traditionally, businesses have turned to Business Solution Partners (BSPs) for access to WhatsApp's cloud API. The BSPs take care of the onboarding, and give a line of credit to send out messages to customers.

Even though it is a good way to get started, working with BSPs only offer integration with WhatsApp cloud API and basic support. As a growing business, you need more capabilities to provide an exceptional customer experience. And Meta’s tech partner program here to help you achieve that.

Meta’s Tech Partner Program

Meta recently launched their Tech Partner Program, allowing independent software vendors (ISVs) to directly integrate with the WhatsApp Business API. Companies like Fyno, who are part of this program, have direct API access to help businesses get access to WhatsApp business features faster.

The detailed break-down of the new WhatsApp Tech Partner ecosystem and how does it change the existing BSP ecosystem is captured here. The Tech Partner initiative allows businesses to effectively manage their company’s communication infrastructure with added benefits and flexibility. Lets look at the benefits in detail.

Benefits of working with a tech partner over a BSP

Opting for a tech partner under Meta's program, such as Fyno, brings unparalleled benefits:

  1. Direct API Access: Tech Partners offer direct access to WhatsApp's Business API, bypassing the need for  intermediaries. This translates into faster, more efficient integrations. For example, you can set up a new Meta-verified WhatsApp business account in just 20 minutes with Fyno.
  2. Overcoming BSP-Level Limitations: Choosing a tech partner like Fyno over BSPs removes the restrictive layers and limitations that BSPs impose, such as relying on on-premise APIs that introduce additional infrastructure dependencies and inefficiencies in message delivery.

    For example, while many BSPs limit messaging rates to 30 messages per second, direct access through a tech partner to WhatsApp's cloud API supports up to 80 messages per second, allowing for more efficient and effective customer communication.
  3. Access to more features: BSPs, with their diverse offerings and focus on margins, don't give WhatsApp dedicated focus and support. In contrast, tech partners like Fyno expands your access to features and ensures dedicated focus on optimizing WhatsApp and helps you leverage its power to the fullest.
    In addition to unlocking WhatsApp's full potential, Fyno offers a centralized platform where you can seamlessly manage multiple communication channels, create workflows, and control your templates – streamlining your customer interactions across various touch points.
  4. Transparent Billing: When working with a BSP, your WhatsApp messaging costs include a markup that covers the BSP's margin for reselling WhatsApp access — usually ranging from 5% to 20% depending on usage. This means you don't have complete visibility into WhatsApp's actual usage fees.

    With a Tech Partner like Fyno, you are billed directly by Meta. This setup provides complete transparency into your actual WhatsApp costs without any hidden fees layered in. You'll have clarity into exactly what you're paying Meta for interacting with customers over WhatsApp.
  5. Early Access to New Features: Partnering with a Tech Partner offers the advantage of early access to new WhatsApp features and innovations, well before they become available through Business Solution Partners (BSPs).

    Unlike BSPs who are resellers, Tech Partners are technology-focused intermediaries with the expertise to rapidly integrate WhatsApp's evolving features into their platforms.

    This makes a Tech Partner the ideal choice for businesses seeking to stay ahead of the curve, especially when compared to BSPs who may face challenges keeping pace with WhatsApp's rapid innovation.
  6. Zero Maintenance Fees: Tech partners don’t charge you a maintenance fee like BSPs do. We provide free access to Meta's cloud APIs, meaning you can integrate WhatsApp into your tech stack without any additional charge from us.
    Essentially, your WhatsApp access through Fyno is entirely free, and you'll only pay WhatsApp directly for your actual usage.
This arrangement makes integrating WhatsApp more cost-effective and ensures that your expenses directly reflect your usage, offering a transparent and scalable approach to managing your customer communications.

Tech Partner vs. BSP: At a Glance

If you’re in a hurry, here’s a table that summarizes the difference between a Tech Partner and a BSP.

Tech Partner > BSP

Fyno: Your Partner in Innovation

As a Meta-verified Tech Partner, Fyno offers businesses a powerful foundation to streamline their customer communication. If you're looking to onboard merchants or customers seamlessly, our robust backend stack and user-friendly frontend APIs make the process efficient and customizable.

Beyond simply providing access to Meta's services, Fyno empowers you with advanced features like omnichannel failover systems, behavior-based workflows, and comprehensive template management.

With Fyno, you're not just adopting a tool; you're embracing a comprehensive strategy that scales alongside your evolving communication needs.

Elevate Your Customer Engagement with Fyno

The journey towards exceptional customer engagement is ongoing, but with Fyno, you have a partner equipped to navigate its complexities.

Our expertise and innovative platform, backed by the robust capabilities of Meta’s WhatsApp Business API, offer a seamless, integrated approach to meeting your customers where they are.

Ready to transform your customer communication strategy? Reach out to Fyno and discover how we can tailor our technology to your business’s unique needs.