What is fyno?

While a portion of the internet might be at loggerheads in the rather heated debate of SaaS Build vs Buy, we’ve taken a comfortable seat on the side of the latter, and with good reason. We live in an age where digitalisation has seeped into every aspect of life. In the 7 minutes that it will take you to read this blog, you’d receive roughly about 2 notifications on your phone on an average, yes? A single touch of a button on a notification can lead to so many options for the end user to choose from, making it an extremely crucial mode of communication for you and your brand.

And that’s where we come in! Introducing to you, Fyno - Fire Your Notifications. An integrated notification suite that houses all your needs under one roof. But before we get into what Fyno does, and the abundance of potential that this space holds, let’s dial it back and see the journey of a brand creating a notification for its user.

  • Message sender: Who is sending it?
  • Message recipient: Who is receiving it?
  • Message time and environment: When is it to be sent, and where?
  • Message channel: What are the platforms that the user has signed up for?
  • Message content: What is the message the user is receiving?
  • Message CTA: Where does the message land the user/how does it help the user?‍
📢 Now, read that again. A common thread among all the above conditions to be considered before triggering a single notification is that it’s a complex mix of multiple users, across different channels, spanning different geographies and with varying needs.

For a company to get their hands dirty in building an in-house structure to support notifications, the work is immense.

Engineers spend precious hours writing code to build and develop an infrastructure that can trigger notifications, emails, SMS and more, at the right time, and to the right users. This will require 30+ hours a week of effort to begin with. Before you know it, your engineers have spent 100s of hours building something that isn’t core to your business. You’re building a brand/product to add value to your customers, but how you choose to do that won’t matter to them as long as you deliver. But focussing efforts into building a tedious infrastructure like notifications (in this case) can take away a lot of the time and effort that could have instead be spent on bettering your product.

This is not to say that Build has no pros. If you’re looking for an extremely unique personalisation, it might be the route you want embark on. But in the long run, this allocation of time and resources could bear immense cost. Not to forget that every time you decide to change features, correct errors, or upgrade to a better version, your engineering team will need to find bandwidth to implement those changes, thus taking up more time.

Timothy Campos, Ex-Facebook said, “When you begin a project, the software that you are “going to build” always looks better than the software someone else already has because you haven’t yet run into the limitations that inevitably show up in software engineering.”

Keeping this problem statement in mind, we’ve come up with a simple solution that’s createdfor your engineers, by our engineers

A communication engine that fires your notifications intelligently across channels, at the stipulated time and place. The best part for you - no code required! Use a single API key that we can generate for you, to integrate into your existing service providers. Sit back and let our algorithm take care of the rest for you.

When we say intelligent, here’s what it translates into. If a user is more active on Whatsapp than email, for example, then we curate the notification to reach them on Whatsapp, and not email, where they’ve shown in the past to be completely unresponsive. How does this help you? It reduces bombarding your user with information (sometimes even the same messaging across platforms) and helps you target only relevant information to them on platforms that they’re comfortable using.

Think of it like a pizza. Imagine making every part of the pizza from scratch. You precariously knead the dough and let it rise, prep the sauce to the right tanginess, roll out the dough, grate the cheese all over the pizza, and it takes you a whole evening. You pop the pizza into the oven, and can’t be sure of how it’s going to turn out. A single step going amiss could result in an unsatisfactory meal. Easier to order a well baked pizza from a chef, right?

We’re working hard to ensure your engineering team needn’t worry about a notification infrastructure. But if you’re left dreaming of a delicious pizza right now, then we’re to blame.

Stay tuned to many more product updates, team goofiness, engineering troubles and other such fun things that make up our life here.

See you in our next post,

Team Fyno