Send 10x better notifications with 20x lesser effort

Most often, notifications are an afterthought, many just look at them only when something goes wrong. Mind you, it’s a very critical part of the ecosystem of a business, but mostly takes a back seat because it’s more of a tick mark on a checklist, rather than something that takes centre stage for PMs.

We at Fyno know and believe that there is more power to a simple notification that it's given credit for, though.

With that in mind, in an effort to give the due credit to notifications and the important and integral role it plays in almost all services and application journeys, we give you our powerhouse of an application. We believe we can change the way you work with notifications, making it easy, convenient and powerful.

We have developed a powerhouse application that simplifies the notification journey and makes it more convenient and powerful. Fyno is not your ordinary notification layer; we have over a decade of industry experience and research to create some of the most redeemable features that transform notifications from being "just a notification" to a vital component of your business.

Provider Integrations Made Easy

Integrating providers can be quite a daunting task. Integrating each one into a system takes time and effort. And then comes the maintenance. Each provider provides specific services, which may be SMS, Push, Email, WhatsApp, Chat or a combination of these. With this comes regulations and company-specific processes for integrating. This only means endless lines of specific code written for integrating that specific provider. Any and all changes on the integration (API update, requirement changes) will need to be done at the code level. This means that a PM has to constantly run behind an EM to get their work done, no matter how small or big. While this may work temporarily, imagine the scenario when you would need to integrate multiple providers for different services. To top this off, this becomes an effort for the implementation team, who will need to read, understand and learn how to integrate providers, among other things.

And this is exactly what Fyno has simplified for you!

Integrations have been made such a breeze that all you will need to do is add the details of the provider on our integrations page, either requiring a secret key or Auth Key, and we are integrated! You can finish this in under 5 minutes, without needing an engineer to set it up for you.

Fyno also understands that our audience is wide and versatile, which is why we have the concept of “Bring Your Own Vendor”. Apart from the providers that we have already integrated with, we can integrate any vendor of your choice in under a week, or even sooner, depending on the provider.

Routing to beat your Down-Time Blues

We are not in the business of doing everything, but we believe in doing whatever we do well!

We know how important it is for a feature like routing to be in place and how it can be one of the most useful tools in your kitty when used correctly.

Routing is a feature that allows you to create simple to complex flows with conditions and consequent actions that will allow you to achieve the desired results.

Understanding the full capacity of such a beast is extensive, and we will be sharing parts of it in different blogs. So here’s a snippet of how you can get started with routing.

Let's say we have a situation we need to:

  1. Route all the traffic through Provider A (cost-effective option) and Provider B (vendor commitment) with a split of 70-30 between them.
  2. If Provider A fails to deliver the notification, we would need to re-route through Provider C (costly but reliable)
  3. We will also need to stop all messages that are being routed towards Ukraine (refer image below) and not trigger them.

The routing feature allows you to have this entire config set up in just a few minutes, within a few clicks.


The above-mentioned route was achieved in under a minute, with no coding involved.

Logs that Track Every Notification Move

Notifications are one of the crucial communication methods any company, big or small, connects with its end users. This may be for any number of reasons, ranging from login authentications and confirmations, progress on a requested service or activity to emergency updates, or even marketing.

It is, therefore important for each of these logs to be tracked with details of times, delivery status and user activity on that notification.

Fyno’s logs are built with a lot of thought into what details would need to be captured from the point of view of a person who would actually be using this for building and using dashboards to drive their “customer delight” quotient.

And speaking of Dashboards, Fyno has also created one with multiple views and inter-changeable factors like providers, routes and even events, to help visualize all of this. Stay tuned to our blogs to know much more in detail about each of these.

From understanding which provider is performing well based on delivery percentage, to viewing the overall performance of a channel as compared to others, we have thought of this problem a few times over to help you visualize your data to cater to any need that may arise.

And, all reports and all logs are under one dashboard, making comparisons between vendors and channels extremely convenient.

That’s all for now, folks! These are our top 3 hero features that make Fyno a communication stack that’s easy, compact and super useful. Click here to read more such content from our stellar team.

See you in the next one.