What is a notification infrastructure?

Notification infrastructure refers to the foundational framework and technology that supports the delivery of notifications. As the name implies, a notification infrastructure tool helps manage all customer communication from a single system, reducing the chaos in the world of communication while helping you stay organised.

This framework ensures the efficient and consistent transmission of messages across different channels. Its main functions include message formatting, recipient management, delivery scheduling, and monitoring delivery success. 

For instance, a bank can send payment confirmation mail/messages to their customers, or a transportation company can send a prompt notification regarding the current location of the goods.

Notification infrastructure enables companies to reach users through multiple communication mediums, like email, SMS, push notifications, and in-app messages. By leveraging this infrastructure, businesses can effectively engage their customers, providing them with timely information, updates, or alerts.

What is a notification infrastructure software?

A notification infrastructure software is a specialized application designed to manage and streamline the delivery of notifications across various platforms. 

This software typically includes features such as message templates, automation tools, analytics, and opti-channel communication support to facilitate efficient communication. It allows businesses to automate notifications based on predefined triggers or user interactions, ensuring personalized and relevant messages.

Notification infrastructure software also provides analytics and reporting tools that help track delivery success, user engagement, and message effectiveness. Companies use such software to enhance their communication strategies, improve customer engagement, and ensure messages are delivered effectively across all channels.

9 best notification infrastructure tools 

In this post, we have carefully curated a list of nine notification infrastructure solutions, outlining their features, benefits, and pricing plans to help you make the right choice. They are listed below as follows.  

  1. Fyno
  2. Courier
  3. Novu
  4. Knock
  5. Engagespot
  6. Raven
  7.  MagicBell
  8. SuprSend
  9. Catapush

1. Fyno

Fyno is a fully integrated and proactive notification software infrastructure for developers and product managers designed to manage all notification infrastructure needs across communication channels and providers using a universal API. It has been designed to unify all customer communication components to deliver the best-in-class customer experience. 

Packed with rich features and functionalities, it boasts rich templates, effortless integration options, smart automation features, robust analytics & logs, and powerful routing that packs a punch. Fyno’s notifications engine, powered with the cutting-edge tech stack, empowers your omni channel customer experience strategy.  

And the best part is you don’t have to write a single line of code to build a notification infrastructure at any stage. That means your engineering team can focus on more pressing things while still ensuring your customers get timely notifications. 

Communication channels: SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Chat, Push, Voice, and In-App messaging 

Website: Fyno

Key Features:

Fyno offers a variety of useful features to create a reliable notification infrastructure, including

  • Integration: 40+ integration options across providers and  6+ communication channels. Fyno offers seamless, quick and seamless integration with any provider or channel. You don't need any technical expertise to use it - just like attaching a file on Gmail. It’s that simple! 
  • Routing: Build smart communication flow across channel providers with Fyno’s no-code flow builder. From writing complex flows to configuring failover protocols, you can do everything in a few clicks, drags & drops without involving your engineering team.   
  • Template Management: Effortlessly modify messages and create stunning, personalized, and consistent cross-channel notifications while managing your templates from a single hub. 
  • Analytics: Gain actionable insights on channel, provider, and message type to track, measure, and refine communication from one central location. Get real-time data on delivery rates, open rates, and click rates across all channels and know which channel works best for your customer.  
  • Logs: Consolidated logs from all your channels and providers make it easy to identify issues and troubleshoot, almost an effortless exercise.    
  • Workspaces: From configuring unique integrations to building distinct workflows and templates, Fyno’s Workspace feature allows you to manage diverse communication needs efficiently while helping you stay organised.    
  • Automation: Trigger notifications, provide conditions, and create rules with Fyno’s smart automation builder without any engineering effort. It empowers businesses to fetch cohorts/segments from your existing tools/database. 
  • In-App: A fully loaded in-app layer for all web and mobile applications. You can build white-labelled notifications with pre-built UI components to fit your app needs. 

One universal API for all your communication channels and providers: Schedule a Demo

Key Benefits:

Here are some of the benefits that Fyno offers:

  • Ease of setup with a single line of code. 
  • Powerful routing to help you create and implement rules and logic for cross-channel notification flows without coding, even for complex use cases.  
  • Powerful automation that logically helps you connect your application workflows without coding, simplifying the process of connecting different systems and workflows. 
  • Create and manage templates for each notification event in one place, ensuring consistent messaging tailored to the specific channel. 
  • Track real-time notification volumes, efficacy, and engagement from multiple channels and providers with centralized data. You can spot patterns visually to understand what is happening.  
  • Get project-level, more granular communication analytics for more precise decision-making. 
  • Create, preview, and send notifications from a single interface without switching between different platforms to send and manage notifications.
  • Easy documentation to get you started and avoid engineering team dependency. 
  • Native no-code notification inbox that triggers notifications within your app or website without building anything externally.
  • SDKs are available in all prominent languages to integrate with local websites and apps.


 It offers 2 pricing models:

  • Free Tier: Send upto 100,000 API requests/month.
  • Growth Tier: It is priced at $149 per month. This pricing plan is ideal for fast-growing companies.
  • Attractive pricing is available for high usage volumes.

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2. Courier 

Courier is a notification software platform designed with the "Developers-First" mindset. It offers a way to send multichannel product notifications via email, chat, in-app messages, and SMS via the web, desktop, or mobile app. It allows developers to add a suite of features, like automation, preferences management, audit logs, white labelling, and template management.

Website: Courier

Communication channels: An API for Email, SMS, Push, and Chat

Key features:

Some of the critical features and functionalities offered by Courier are:

  • Customizable notifications to target specific issues or systems
  •  Reporting and analytics for real-time insights
  • Scalability to serve various business needs
  •  Open API that offers the flexibility to customize to meet specific business needs.
  • Cross-channel engagement tracking features
  • Delivery rules engine to route the messages to the preferred channel


 Courier offers three-tier pricing plans:

  • Free: Limited features
  • Pro: $350/mont
  • Business & Enterprises: Available on request

 3. Novu

Novu offers open-source notification infrastructure for developers. It offers customizable, extendable theming, variables, API, and hooks to update analytics and databases to maintain their open-source projects.You can embed it into any product platform to help them gain visibility into what is happening. 

Website: Novu

Communication channels: Email, SMS, Direct, and Push

Key features:

 Some of the key features of Novu include:

  •  Single API for unified communication
  •  Add custom content 
  •  Built-in connection to integrate with communication providers
  •  Reporting & analytics for real-time tracking 
  •  Modular architecture to offer flexibility 


Novu offers separate pricing for cloud and self-hosted platforms:

For cloud:

  • Novu provides four pricing plans under the cloud category:  
  •  Free: Suitable for testing small-scale deployment
  •  Indie Dev: $25/month up to 25,000 events.
  •  Business: $200/month up to 60,000 events/months
  • Enterprise: Available on request

Self-hosted ( On-premise):

*Pricing is available on request

4.  Knock

Knock offers APIs to build and manage notifications. You can use it to engage with users and handle cross-channel workflows. Built with a set of primitives, it enables the creation of notification logic and sends notifications in the time zone preferred by users.

Website: Knock

Communication channels: Email, Push, SMS, Slack, and Apple Push Notification Service  

Key features:

Knock offers a wide range of features, including: 

  • Single, unified API 
  • SDKs available in multiple languages
  • Pre-built, real-time enabled components
  • Stream analytics
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • GDPR and HIPAA-compliant


It offers three pricing plans to meet various business needs, including:

  •  Free: Up to $10,000 notifications
  • Starter: $250/month up to 50,000 notifications/month.
  •  Enterprise: Available on request
  •  Free Trial is available in the Starter plan only 

5. Engagespot

Engagespot is a no-code platform to create a custom notification engine. It has prebuilt components, APIs, and a UI Kit to build a notification management system to meet your specific needs and also scale at ease. 

Website: Engagespot 

Communication channels: Email, In-app messaging, Web Push, WhatsApp, Mobile Push, WhatsApp, Slack, and many more

 Key features:

Here is a list of some critical features, including:

  •  Customizable Front-end UI-Kit
  • In-app notification inbox
  •  Integration options with multiple email service providers
  • Native web push capability
  • Template editor


Engagespot offers four pricing plans:

  •  Free: Up to 10,000 notifications/month
  •  Standard 10K: $20/month  
  • Premium 10K: $25/month to suit the needs of growing apps.
  • Enterprise Plan: Available on request. Volume discount is available on bulk plans. 

6. Raven 

Raven is a no-code notification infrastructure platform designed to orchestrate and track cross channel transactional communication needs. Get visibility into notifications by consolidating logs and data.

Website: Raven

Communication channels: WhatsApp, email, SMS, Slack, and many more

Key features:

Raven offers the following key features and functionalities, including: 

  • Template management
  •  Intelligent routing
  • Single dashboard to track all data
  •  Broad integration options


It comes with three pricing plans:

  •  Free: Up to 10,000 notifications/month
  • Team: $90/month up to 100,000 notifications
  •  Business: Custom pricing

7. MagicBell

MagicBell is a cloud-based notification system designed to help customers deliver notifications directly to inboxes through APIs and UI components. It allows users to customize the notification inbox the way they want.  

Website: MagicBell

Communication channels: Multi-channel delivery - in-app, email, mobile push, Slack

 Key features:

 It offers the following essential features, including: 

  • UI component to provide flexibility to customize front-end
  • Customizable notification API endpoint
  • Use preferences to choose the preferred channel
  • Flexibility to select notification template


It offers six-tier pricing plans:

  • Free: Up to 100 MAU
  • Startup: $99/month up to 2000 MAU
  • Startup Max: $199/month up to 5000 MAU
  • Pro: $599/month up to 15000 MAU
  • Pro Max: $1199/month up to 35,000 MAU
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing is available on request

Why choose it: You can select it for a combination of granular preferencing options and a range of pricing plans to meet various product communication needs. 

8. SuprSend

SuprSend offers a notification infrastructure stack to help create, manage, and deliver alerts reliably, eliminating the need to develop in-house notification service. It has multiple channels, a single notification API, and features like template management and version control.

Website: SuprSend

Communication channels:  Email, SMS, Push, WhatsApp, Chat, App Inbox

Key features :

Some of the notable features are:

  •  In-app inbox for website 
  •  Routing notifications to send messages to the most important channel 
  •  Real-time logs, analytics, and failure alerts to help you track real-time performance
  •  Multilingual messaging
  • Automated delivery node to optimize the notification delivery process
  • All-in-one dashboard to evaluate, audit, and debug the notifications 


It offers three types of plans:

  •  Free: Up to 10,000 notifications
  • Growth: $99 up to 25,000 notifications    
  •  Enterprise: Custom pricing is available on request   

9. Catapush

Catapush is a notification infrastructure system designed to meet the needs of developers. It ensures traceable delivery of your push messages, allowing you to track their journey from message transmission to user interaction. Catapush integrates into your app and allows you to dispatch real-time notifications, ensuring precise delivery to your intended recipients.

Website: Catapush

Communication channels: Push, Email, Slack, SMS, WhatsApp, In-App

Key features: 

Here are the following essential features, including:

  • Dedicated IP push messaging for faster delivery
  • Contact management to store, forward, and retry mechanism
  • Real-time delivery status and push notification delivery report
  •  Flexibility to format message content
  • Real-time connection with devices (XMPP) for reliable and secure message delivery 


Catapush offers three types of pricing plans:

  • Free Trial: Available
  • Pro: 0,02 Euro per MUAR (Monthly Unique Active Recipient)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing is available on request


Managing communication can be messy, especially in the hyperconnected world of business. And this is where Fyno comes in. It can be a reliable partner in your CX transformation journey. With impressive features, Fyno can help you build a powerful notification infrastructure to deliver proactive alerts via various channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, email, push notifications, voice, and in-app messaging to keep them engaged.  

Does this sound interesting? If you are looking to build a notification infrastructure, we can help. Give it a try and experience the power of seamless communication. Book a demo now!


1. What criteria should I consider when selecting a proactive notification infrastructure solution?

Look for multi-channel support, integration ease, automation, analytics, scalability, and competitive pricing.

2. How does a proactive notification solution improve customer engagement?

It provides timely, relevant alerts across preferred channels, enhancing satisfaction and personalizing interactions.

3. What makes Fyno stand out among other notification infrastructure solutions?

Fyno unifies communication strategies via a universal API, offering smart automation, analytics, and no-code flow builder.

4. Is it difficult to integrate notification infrastructure solutions into existing systems?

Most solutions offer single API integration, SDKs, and pre-built components, ensuring a seamless setup.

5. How do these tools handle cross-channel routing and provider selection for different types of notifications?

They use smart routing engines to choose the best channels based on customer preferences and notification type.

6. Can these solutions help us maintain compliance with data privacy regulations?

Yes, they offer data privacy controls, audit logs, and compliance features like GDPR and HIPAA adherence.

7. How can proactive notifications improve business operations and revenue generation?

They automate alerts, enhance response times, and enable targeted campaigns to boost upsell opportunities and loyalty.