A no code way of building
cross-channel notification flow

Create smart notification flows in real-time with Fyno’s no code flow builder. From configuring simple failovers to complex cross-channel flows, it have never been so easier.

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100% deliverability, guaranteed.

Don't let vendor issues disrupt notification delivery. Our failover protocols ensure there's always a backup plan.

Save time

Save your precious engineering hours with Fyno’s no-code UI

Configure creative cross-channel routes using a drag and drop flow builder. You can configure a unique route for each communication.

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Hassle-free quality assurance.

Test each route with a dedicated test environment before pushing it live.


Optimise communication costs.

Smartly configure routing to stop sending messages on expensive channels if they have been read on the others.


Leverage machine learning to communicate smartly.

Completely offload channel, provider and time selection to Fyno.
Fyno smart is a proprietary machine learning technology that leverages multiple data points to figure out the best way to communicate with your users.