Unified and code free - how template management should be.

Create, edit, test and publish multi-channel messaging templates in real-time, without troubling your engineers.

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Managing multi-channel templates have never been easier.

Manage templates on a UI & not at API level.

With centrally managed templates on Fyno, changes in your templates will not require any update in your API request.

Easy drag-and-drop editor for designing templates.

Fyno's template designer allows you to effortlessly create, modify and adjust your messaging content and design.

{ALMOST} developer free.

Fyno’s no-code interface allows you create templates, add static or dynamic content without requiring an engineer.

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Access & version control.

User access controls prevent unauthorised changes, and version control lets you roll back instantly.

Design with confidence.

With Fyno's live preview, design your messaging templates knowing exactly how it will look across channels & devices.


Fyno can support any communication template.

Checkout some examples below: