Create customer segments directly from your database.

{{Connect}} can query any database or data warehouse to create user segments. You can use prompts in plain english to create cohorts with our AI generator.

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{{Connect}} + Fyno

A complete no-code implementation of your multi-channel communication service.

See how it works?

Deploy Connect on your database & write plain english prompt to create cohorts.


Link cohorts to the notification event on Fyno to create and run campaigns.

Experience benefits Like never before

Time to value

Run your first campaign in minutes not months.

Leverage customer data already available in your database to create cohorts. Say goodbye to building data pipelines with third party tools.

Real time

Deliver communication in real time.

Building data pipeline with external platforms comes with latency. Use {{connect}} to experience the fastest way of sending communication at scale.

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Highest ROI

Don’t pay for data redundancy.

Bring the power of segmentation to your database or warehouse. Save yourself from using external platforms to store & manage customer data.

Control and Security

Concerns around customer data security - no more!

Run campaigns securely. Don’t worry about data security and leakage as your data never leaves your DB.