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Protium is a leading tech enabled financial services company in India primarily catering to financial needs of businesses in India

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Protium’s complex communication requirement resulted in a code heavy & API  intensive notification layer, delaying GTM opportunities


Fyno's full stack communication platform centralised Protium's communication requirements in an expert system with no-code orchestration capabilities. The notification logic was isloated from its code base for swift changes


Fyno enabled 5X faster GTM by making communication orchestration entirely no-code. The biggest impact was saving of leadership bandwidth from managing customer communications

Vivek Chhikara
Engineering Head
Solved complex use-case swiftly with an expert system
It is so easy to switch channels and vendors. This allows us to remain steadfast, agile and not get into nuances of managing multiple APIs.


  • Protium is a prominent player in India's fintech sector, known for its innovative approach to financial services.
  • The company operates through three key segments: Protium Finance, Protium Money, and Protium Sakshara, catering to MSMEs, consumers, and educational institutions respectively.
  • Protium integrates advanced technology to deliver efficient, accessible financial solutions, reflective of its foundational ethos in the financial ecosystem.


  • Protium faced significant challenges related to its communication architecture, which was intricately linked to nearly every microservice within the organization.
  • This complex setup led to difficulties in managing a vast network of APIs, resulting in a cumbersome system with poor orchestration.
The lack of a centralized management system for notifications made it hard to ensure reliable delivery and compliance with evolving regulatory requirements, impacting overall operational efficiency and scalability.


  • Fyno's middleware solution was implemented to address these challenges head-on.
  • This solution centralized all communication requests in a single platform, simplifying the management of diverse communication needs across Protium's services.
  • Fyno's no code orchestration layer enabled creation and management of existing or new notification workflows engineering free. The end to end deployment was possible on Fyno's platform without any engineering / code.
  • The platform's robust API management tools facilitated easy integration and customization, enhancing the agility of communication strategies.


  • The implementation of Fyno dramatically transformed Protium’s operational efficiency, reducing the time spent on notification management by over 90%.
  • Protium could now guarantee 100% delivery of communications, with detailed proof of delivery for compliance and auditing purposes.
  • The centralized system also allowed for effective channel and provider management, ensuring minimal downtime and quick resolution of disruptions.
Overall, Fyno not only streamlined Protium's communication processes but also fortified its compliance and fraud detection capabilities, setting a new standard in how fintech communication infrastructures can be optimized for scale and security.
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