Secure communication infrastructure for regulated businesses

Fyno offers enhanced security features like masking, hashing and access controls to ensure communication data & pipelines are always secure.

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Building a product in a regulated space is already complex.

With Fyno, let communication be one thing less to worry about!


Automate communications.

Automate communication pipelines with direct integration with banking and financial APIs.
Trigger real time communication with zero coding.

Secure campaigns

Create user segments without sharing data with third party tools.

Use {{Connect}} to create user segments directly from your database or warehouse. {{Connect}} runs on your own infra so you never have to worry about critical customer data leaving your system.

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Make sure your customer never misses any critical communication.

When it comes to money and finance, every communication counts. Use Fyno to ensure 100% deliverability.


Masking and hashing.

Toggle the security feature on to mask critical data. From destinations to template variables, you can secure it all.