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The client is a major bank in India, serving millions of customers

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With penetration of digital payments, the Bank required a powerful multi-channel middleware for accurate reporting & to comply with RBI guidelines


Implementation of Fyno, a modern full-stack communication middleware, specially designed for managing high frequency transactional alerts to banking customers

  • 100% compliance
  • Detailed and accurate communication reporting
  • Cost Efficiency
  • No changes to CBS


The client is a prominent bank in India, engaging millions of users. As a major player in the rural financial sector, the bank offers the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) and other digital payments infrastructure to its users and merchants for facilitating numerous daily transactions. This necessitated a complex communication system that is able to keep pace increase in transactional volumes, while remaining cost effective, transparent and compliant.



The bank faced several significant challenges due to the growing volume of digital transactions:

  • High communication costs: The bank was incurring substantial costs from sending SMS notifications for each transaction, impacting its operational efficiency.
  • Inability to track user level communication cost: The bank had to spend 100s of hours every month to get user-level data of communication cost incurred across multiple channels.  This was necessary to build a communication cost management policy for transparent cross-charge to customers.
  • Regulatory and compliance pressures: Adhering to strict RBI regulations required transparent communication cost management and efficient operational practices.
  • Complex Vendor Management: Managing multiple communication Platform as a Service (cPaaS) vendors resulted in fragmented multi channel communication setups and inefficiencies.
Indian banking industry is spearheading a global digital revolution with UPI, Rupay and associated digital payments infrastructure.  Efficient management of multi-channel notifications is essential for seamless adoption & trust building with billions of banking users.


The bank implemented Fyno, a full-stack communication middleware, which addressed these challenges through:

  • Unified communication management: Centralizing all communication channels into one platform, thereby simplifying the management landscape and reducing dependencies on multiple vendors.
  • Cost-effective alternatives and advanced analytics: Introducing more cost-effective communication methods and automating the reporting and analytics processes.
  • Enhanced security and compliance: Incorporating advanced security features such as encryption, anomaly and spam detection, role based access controls and compliance with international standards like ISO and SOC 2, along with RBI's data localization guidelines
Fyno is walking shoulder to shoulder with revolution in the digital banking space, enabling product and engineering teams to remain steadfast in meeting customers, regulators and compliance requirements.


Post-implementation, the bank experienced significant improvements:

  • Reduced costs and improved efficiency: By shifting to cheaper communication channels and automating many manual processes, the bank substantially reduced operational costs and improved overall efficiency.
  • Compliance and security enhancement: The bank achieved full compliance with regulatory requirements, enhanced data security, and improved trust among its customers.
  • Operational excellence: Operational Excellence: With real-time analytics and centralized management, the bank can now monitor communication effectiveness and quickly adjust strategies, leading to better decision-making and customer satisfaction.

By leveraging Fyno's capabilities, the bank not only overcame its immediate challenges but also positioned itself for sustainable growth in the digital banking era.

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