Communication cost reduced by over 30%

Reduction in communication cost
Engineering time saved
Operations optimized



Blitz is a logistics company offering same-day delivery to brands, focusing on efficient, timely services using advanced logistics and warehousing technology

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Blitz was incurring very high communication cost per order. The leadership team also  wanted to leverage communication to solve operational problems Return to Origin (RTO), higher first attempt deliveries and better analytics


Blitz isolated the complex notification requirement logic from its code base and built it on Fyno's simple no code UI. It also easily switched SMS messaging to WhatsApp with zero engineering involvement


Fyno’s solutions cut Blitz’s communication costs by over 30% almost instantly. Blitz is seamlessly deploying communication experiments to leverage communication for its operational and business metrics

Gaurav Piyush
Co-founder and CTO
SMS to Whatsapp transition was possible in less than a week
Fyno has made our buyer communications very smooth. Transition of all communication from SMS first to Whatsapp first was possible in less than a week, including testing


Blitz is a logistics service provider specializing in same-day delivery, promising efficient and timely delivery services directly to customers. Operating in a highly competitive e-commerce environment, Blitz focuses on leveraging advanced technology to meet consumer demands for quick and flexible delivery options.



Blitz faced multiple challenges that hindered its operational efficiency and customer satisfaction:

  • Excessive communication costs: Reliance on costly SMS notifications significantly increased operational expenses per order.
  • Leverage communication for better operations: The team had many ideas to use communication for streamlining logistics and delivery operations but deploying those ideas needed complex logic building across channels and providers.
  • Insufficient analytics: Lack of detailed analytics impeded strategic decision-making and optimization of communication strategies.


Blitz partnered with Fyno to implement a comprehensive suite of solutions that addressed these challenges:

  • Switching notification strategy from SMS to WhatsApp: Blitz modified the notification routing from SMS to WhatsApp in Fyno's no-code routing layer and maintained SMS as only a back up channel.
  • Fyno's no code logic builder: Fyno's workflow layer allowed building complex logic and deploying experiments with zero engineering effort.
  • Enhanced analytics and reporting: Providing detailed insights into communication costs and delivery efficiency by brand.
  • Seamless operational syncing: Integrating communication capabilities with Blitz’s operational stack for real-time updates.


The implementation of Fyno’s solutions brought significant improvements to Blitz’s operations and customer service:

  • Reduced communication costs: Blitz achieved a whopping 30%+ reduction in communication costs due to efficient multi-channel communication strategies.
  • Faster experiments and GTM: With no-code flexibility, Blitz was able to deploy communication experiments and enhancements without taking them into engineering sprint cycle.

This transformation not only optimized communication cost but also positioned the company as a leader in efficient and customer-focused logistics solutions, setting a new benchmark in the industry for integrating communication technology into traditional logistics frameworks.

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